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Mindfield is a Stockholm based management consultancy firm dedicated to supporting business and organizations in their evolutionary process by providing interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in the field of business intelligence and development.  Firmly grounded in behavioural science, with a system oriented approach we hope to contribute to the creation of a world and a society that can proudly be passed on to coming generations. To us consulting is an artform based on a sensibility for our clients current situation and future potential. We therefore totally adjust our services to the needs of our clients. We believe in the power of knowledge. We believe in the power of people. We strongly believe in the power of common sense. We simply believe in the future.



Working successfully with business intelligence and development is a balance between the strictly rational and the emotionally intuitive. Collecting large amounts of information is not difficult today. The challenge is to draw conclusions that are accurate enough to be able to make decisions that in the end will lead to the desired results. Risk exposure, and finding windows of opportunity regardless of area of business or ownership, begins there. In business intelligence & development processes that work.


Sometimes talking is really overrated! Sometimes it’s the most important thing we can do to really understand each other on a deeper level and create new knowledge. We strongly believe in meeting face to face, to create dialogue and participating in public conversations. We also provide leadership support.


Even though we have access to more knowledge than ever, it seems like knowledge is often put on exception when it comes to decision making in a number of areas. How is that? Can we do differently? That is the topic of the blog, the Myth of Knowledge.


Our senses have served us well during the course of evolution. The camera sharpens the eye for what is strictly rational, documentary and simultaneously opens up to the in-depth, emotionally, intuitive impressions that tell us something more.

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