Privacy Policy

Integrity is important!

In essence, there are no regulations in the world that can replace trust between people, although they can facilitate when we do not really get to know each other from the ground up.

Since mindfield ab encompasses activities of both advisory nature where customary, mutual confidentiality is an absolute and non–negotiable necessity and the outside world analyzes, photographs and text published here on the site and in a blog, it is extra important to be clear about how personal data is handled.

The short answer to the question of what information mindfield ab collects from you who visit is – as little as possible and only such information that is necessary for us to be in contact with each other, continue a conversation or carry out any assignments or collaborations. No information is actively passed on to third parties.

The slightly longer answer follows here:

Messages or inquiries via the contact form under Contact or In English are really appreciated! Being able to print email addresses and telephone numbers directly on the page would have been preferable, but in times when robots collect information from web pages automatically in order to send e-mail spam, the use of a form appears to be a better alternative. When you send a message, it lands in a mailbox at mindfield ab. To further protect both you and mindfield’s mailboxes from spam, your IP address and user-agent string are stored with the help of services provided by WordPress, the platform the page is administered in. Sending a message means that you accept that your name and email address are saved during the course of the conversation and afterwards as support to remember what we were communicating about. If something extra interesting pops up that you might appreciate being hinted at, you may receive an email about it but you never have to worry about suddenly starting receiving mails from a third party. You can send a new message at any time via the form or via the email address you received when you receive a reply and request that the conversation and your contact information be deleted.

Since external analyzes, reflections on contemporary issues and photographs, sometimes published in the blog or the photographic portfolio, form a central part of the business in mindfield ab, has a so-called. certificate of release registered with the Swedish Press, Radio and TV Authority. This means that the page is published by mindfield ab and receives constitutional protection in accordance with the Freedom of Pressure Regulation and the Statement of Freedom of Expression. It gives you who choose to write a comment or send a message or information via the contact form and any email conversation that may arise from the source protection because it means that mindfield ab cannot be required to disclose email addresses or sources of material to third parties. If you submit information via the contact form, please state if you would like to remain anonymous.

Personal data, such as personal names and pictures published in the blog and the photographic portfolio to describe, reflect or illustrate a phenomenon are considered in the legal sense editorial material.

Responsible publisher for is AnnaReet Gillblad

Feel free to comment on the blog posts, especially if it leads to us all learning something more or expanding our perspectives further. Pepp is always fun but it is allowed to be critical. The rules are simple – within the framework of the law, under one’s own name, not necessarily well worded in full sentences and well chosen words, but free of gender words, mockery and threats. When you write a comment you agree to publish it together with your name but without your email address. You also approve that your name and email address are stored in so called cookies. The advantage for you is that you do not have to fill in your information again if you want to leave another comment at a later date. Your email address will only be used if we need to get in touch with each other as a result of the comment. All comments are reviewed before they are published to avoid spam and such that violates the rules above. This means that it can take up to 24 hours before you see your comment in the stream. Even if all comments are reviewed, you are always responsible for what you have written. To further protect both you and the site from spam, your IP address and user-agent string are also stored in line with the functionality offered by WordPress. If you want to delete your comment, just send one more comment and ask for it to be removed.

At sk. embedded material exist in the form of links to content on other websites such as music, contact information, videos, pictures and articles. When you click on these links, you are automatically moved to the other site and thus also to the privacy policy applicable there.

Your name and email address are stored behind password protected locks and booms. If you want the data to be deleted, simply send an email again via the contact form. If you have not actively provided your name and email address, it will immediately become a little trickier. Then your IP address is needed in order to search for what the page has stored. This information is also limited to visits to the page and possibly if you left the page by clicking on a link. No information about your activity is actively passed on from mindfield ab to third parties.

mindfield is a registered trademark. All material on is protected by the Copyright Act. If you want to quote or share some of the blog posts with others, you are free to do so as long as you specify the source and give appropriate credentials. If you want to use any of the material here we need to make a specific agreement.

*This privacy policy has been drawn up to meet the requirements set by the GDPR – the EU’s common rules for the handling of personal data which came into force in 2018.